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As You Wish Design is a subscription-based graphic design service aimed to help businesses put their best foot forward.
Whether you're considered a mom & pop shop, small to medium business, or a worldwide conglomerate (bent on global domination) we want to be the affordable creative team that you call upon.
Founded in 2017 by graphic designer (and The Princess Bride enthusiast) Scott Shaffer, we offer everything from logos and business cards to promotional/marketing materials and even basic websites. See our pricing below.


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* - If applicable based on project
If you haven't seen The Princess Bride (aka the greatest movie of all time) then you might not understand the names of our pricing tiers. As you can see in the picture Vizzini is the smallest, Inigo is medium, and Fezzik is a bigg'un!
Sure they're bad guys in the beginning but Inigo and Fezzik redeem themselves soooo two out of three ain't bad!
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